Current Projects

Specialist Disability Accommodation Construction

Yumba-Meta Limited is committed to providing quality appropriate homes to young people living with a physical disability.

In the later part of 2017 YML committed to become a registered SDA provider and to meet the housing needs of young people living with a physical disability. During January 2018 YML became a registered SDA provider.

YML staff invested two years in gaining insight into this new sector learning and gathering information by attending many conferences, seminars and meetings with people in the SDA sector.

In 2018 YML began working with Martin Locke the owner operator of Martin Locke homes. Martin Locke has and continues his commitment to see SDA properties in Townsville eventuate.

A client who was willing to be part of our journey was invited to be part of the design concept and was involved through to design completion. Finally on 12th of March 2019 construction began on the duplex.

YML is hopeful that this project will open avenues for others to confidently enter into the SDA market providing much needed accommodation for those people who have been waiting for a long time to have access to appropriate housing.