Future Projects

1145 Riverway Drive Street University Youth Engagement Program

We want to see a reduction in the number Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people involved in the Juvenile Justice System.

As a Key Stakeholder in the local Townsville service system YML has been invited to be part of the stakeholder engagement process commissioned by the Queensland State Government headed by Major General Stewart Smith.

As an organisation that aims to improve outcomes for our local community the Board of Directors identified the need for YML to provide a meaningful long-term solution to the youth crime issue in Townsville.

YML Board and CEO came up with a solution to partner with a reputed provider who could provide meaningful engagement of Townsville youth who become involved with the Juvenile Justice System.

In March 2019 YML signed a MOU with the Ted Noff Foundation – a National provider who have successfully managed the Street University model and also the adolescent rehabilitation centres across Australia.

We are very excited at the prospects this partnership could bring to our local community. Currently discussions are underway to prepare a project plan that could be effectively delivered in Townsville’s Upper Ross.