Future Projects

Multi-Functional Patient
Transitional Facility

Future Projects

Multi-Functional Patient Transitional Facility

Aiming to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients travelling from remote communities to access the Townsville Hospital and Health Services.

Negotiations are underway for a multi-functional, transitional health facility in Townsville’s Upper Ross area at 1145 Riverway Drive, Rasmussen.

Yumba-Meta’s extensive experience in working in the homelessness space in Townsville confirmed the need to provide services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who come to Townsville to access medical services.

YML commenced work on this project in 2009 and after progressing into Stage 1 the project could not continue due to a change of Government and change in their priorities.

YML purchased the land that previously housed the Upper Ross Community Centre at Rasmussen at the beginning of 2017, with the purpose of developing services for the Townsville community, including some important services that are currently lacking in the Upper Ross area.

The site concept has been developed and a business case has been completed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. YML received $2.89million from the Commonwealth Government as part contribution towards construction of this facility.

Development Approval from the Townsville City Council is has been received. YML is currently working with various levels of Government to secure operational funding to manage the facility.

Besides the Patient transitional facility there are a number of other projects proposed for the site, the site will be a long-term project developed in stages over a 7–10 year period.