Who We Are

Yumba-Meta Limited

Who We Are

Yumba Meta Limited

The Housing Success Story

Yumba-Meta Limited (YML) is a registered charity with PBI status established in 1973.

Yumba-Meta provides long-term, medium-term and short-term secure and affordable accommodation and services to disadvantaged people, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Not just providing social housing assistance to those with the greatest needs, YML provides a safe place for people to take control of their own lives and break the cycle of homelessness for good.

When it comes to advocating for the community’s most disadvantaged groups, Yumba-Meta has achieved and surpassed some impressive milestones since their humble beginnings in 1973, when they purchased eight homes with the sole purpose of providing housing for Townsville’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who were struggling to access housing in the private market.

Ernest Hoolihan is the founder and current Board member of the organisation. He believes that Indigenous people have the right to equality of housing. When the organisation purchased houses throughout Townsville, it broke down barriers and enabled Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to live together.

Now managing in excess of 193 tenancies, YML is leading the sustainable housing agenda in the region, not only by providing long, medium and short-term accommodation that is secure, affordable and culturally appropriate, but by gaining the respect and trust of the people most in need of the support and services they provide.

Yumba-Meta over the 46 years has grown from managing eight houses to a dynamic multi-functioning organisation now managing 193 tenancies, 13 tenancies under the Employment and Education Accommodation program, 40 tenancies under the Dale Parker Place supported accommodation program, the Breaking the Cycle program, Flora House Women’s Shelter, The Reverend Charles Harris Diversionary Centre (50 Beds) and developing their own housing estate; Hillside Gardens with 40 lots.

In 2015, Yumba-Meta was awarded the ‘Australasian Leading Innovation Award for Professional Excellence in Housing’, for their Ernest & Maud Hoolihan Elders Village in Deeragun.

In coming years, YML projects will focus on growing school retention of Townsville’s Indigenous children to a level not seen before, aiming for a high percentage of children completing school with the required level of literacy and numeracy skills.

Furthermore, their efforts will also make sure that young people with disabilities are able to live amongst their own age group with dignity and not in nursing homes by constructing Specialist Disability Accommodation, thereby providing equal access to appropriate housing options for these young people. Not only does Yumba-Meta provide housing and support services but they also create successful developments including Hillside Gardens, a residential housing estate at Mount Louisa.

In line with YML’s vision for identifying and fulfilling community needs, YML is constructing a multi-functional, Patient Transitional Accommodation facility at Rasmussen to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people travelling to Townsville from remote and rural communities to access the Townsville University Hospital. Onsite culturally appropriate trauma informed case management will be provided, to support clients in an unfamiliar urban environment.

This project has already received $2.89 Million funding from the Commonwealth Government. Any profit made by YML is invested back into the community to assist in improving the lives of vulnerable people.