Dale Parker Place


Dale Parker Place

Dale Parker Place (DPP) accommodates and supports single males, single females, and couples without children who are experiencing homelessness and are currently sleeping rough or chronically homeless to attain independent, sustainable housing and participate within the community.

Dale Parker Place occupancy has exceeded 95% at all times, with several clients successfully transitioning into private or community housing.

The service provides a high level of individual case management to clients to support their transition to appropriate accommodation. DPP staff the facility 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The original building of 25 tenancies was demolished in 2016 and replaced with a new 40 x 1 bedroom unit complex that opened in August 2017. This expansion of DPP gives a permanent long-term home to those who will never sustain public or community housing.

Dale Parker Place has also positively impacted Townsville’s homeless population, as evidenced by reduced occupancy rates at the Reverend Charles Harris Diversionary Centre.

Referrals to Dale Parker Place come from a range of sources, including self-referral, Homelessness Health Outreach Team, the Reverend Charles Harris Diversionary Centre, Residential Rehabilitation Services, Case Coordination Group and other Homelessness Services.