Fair Expectations of


Fair Expectations of Behaviour

Everyone has the right to enjoy reasonable peace, comfort and privacy in their home. As a responsible tenant you play an important role in maintaining this peaceful environment in your neighbourhood.

Your role

When you signed your Tenancy Agreement, your Tenancy Manager would have explained that you have certain rights and responsibilities as a tenant. These include:

  • Considering your neighbours and respecting their right not to be disturbed (for example, by loud music or yelling)
  • Ensuring other household members and visitors behave appropriately
  • Obeying the law and reporting any illegal activity you see or suspect
  • Telling your Tenancy Manager if you need support to meet your tenancy responsibilities
  • Working with your Tenancy Manager to resolve any issues as soon as possible

Your Tenancy Manager’s role

Most tenancy issues can be easily fixed and your Tenancy Manager is available to talk to you when issues arise. Your Tenancy Manager can:

  • Work with you to resolve tenancy or neighbourhood issues as quickly as possible
  • Refer you or other tenants to services that can help such as mediation, healthcare or counselling services or your local council
  • Help you resolve behavioural problems that may be placing your tenancy at risk

Unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour includes any activity that disturbs the reasonable peace of others in your neighbourhood. If we receive a complaint about behaviour at your home, you can expect a fair response.

Your Tenancy Manager will investigate the complaint and if confirmed, will talk to you about how you can fulfil your role as a responsible tenant. This may include referring you to support services that can help you.

A formal warning or a Notice to Remedy Breach may be issued to you if the disruptive behaviour continues. If the behaviour is serious or dangerous, you may be given a Notice to Leave.

Your Tenancy Manager can take steps to end your tenancy if you or members of your household continue to disrupt your neighbourhood. If you need help to prevent this happening you must let your Tenancy Manager know.

YML will not accept domestic violence and will offer support and referral where appropriate.

Illegal behaviour

Illegal or criminal behaviour at your home has no place in social housing and your Tenancy Manager will immediately seek to end your tenancy should these activities take place at your home.

Reporting disruptive or illegal behaviour

If your social housing neighbour’s behaviour is disturbing your right to live in peace, please report this to their Tenancy Manager who will investigate your complaint. You should also advise the Tenancy Manager if you suspect your neighbour is involved in illegal or criminal behaviour, however, this sort of activity should first be reported to police.