Future Projects

Weeburra Thulgarri
(Tutoring and Mentoring)

Future Projects

Weeburra Thulgarri (Tutoring and Mentoring)

Yumba-Meta Limited aims to improve educational and life outcomes for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children through a tutoring and mentoring program.

It’s Yumba-Meta Limited’s vision to provide all the necessary services required for society’s most vulnerable sector to be able to not just survive the toughest period of their lives, but to thrive.

The Mentoring & Family Wellbeing Program designed by Yumba-Meta Limited is aimed at helping primary school children at their most impressionable age to build confidence, self-worth and be proud of their culture through consistent mentoring and tutoring from responsible, reliable members of society.

It’s about getting children to want to stay in school and understand the importance of an education.

YML’s case managers will work closely with the families on a one-to one basis because the learning environment starts at home.

Working closely with local public schools, Government and non-Government agencies the Mentoring & Family Wellbeing program will focus on growing school retention amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children which will provide them with better opportunities to engage in higher education, better employment and improving future economic participation of ATSI people.

YML will aim to achieve over 75% school completion at the required level of literacy and numeracy skills. These outcomes will be shown in the form of NAPLAN results so that schools have something positive to refer to.

YML will assist the families to resolve and address the issues that prevent children from attending school and successfully completing school. YML has purchased a facility and is currently refurbishing the facility to create an engaging learning environment for the children.

This is our commitment to improving life outcomes for our community. Currently the organisation is working with various level of Government to secure funding for the ongoing operations of the program.