Housing Services

Long-Term Housing


Housing Services

Through this program Yumba-Meta Limited (YML) provides housing support to some of the most marginalised people in our community who are unable to access housing in the private market.

ML manages 150 tenancies across Townsville under the Long-Term Community Housing Program and 53 tenancies under the Transitional Housing Program.

YML provides housing and support to those experiencing vulnerability in some form and deemed to have complex needs.

YML services offer more than just a house. YML services aim to capacity build clients to sustain tenancies.

Properties are available for families or individuals requiring secure, appropriate and affordable housing and where other housing options cannot adequately meet their needs.

YML assesses clients via a comprehensive intake process that helps understand their immediate and long-term needs.

The assessment assists YML in determining the supports that the clients require to sustain the tenancy and improve their well-being.

YML connects clients deemed as having immediate needs to Intensive Case Management, which connects them to the required services to receive the necessary support.

YML housing staff work closely with the clients, informing them of their rights and responsibilities as tenants.