Tenant Rights &


Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

As Yumba-Meta Limited client it is your responsibilities to:

  • Treat all YML staff with respect
  • Treat other users of the service with respect
  • Care for YML’s property, including the grounds and gardens
  • Abide by the Terms & Conditions of the Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Report to YML (as soon as practical) any repairs or maintenance issues at the property
  • Pay rent in accordance with the General Tenancy Agreement
  • Work cooperatively with staff
  • Respect the rights of your neighbours in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Notify YML of any changes to your household income or size
  • Allow full access of the property to staff when required
  • Notify YML of any changes to your contact details
  • Inform YML if you are going to be absent from the property if it’s for more than 6 weeks
  • Not make changes to the property without the written consent of YML
  • Not carry out any business or trade at the property
  • When vacating the property, ensure the premises are left in the same condition as per the Entry Condition Report (fair wear and tear excepted)
  • Not sub-let the property

As a Yumba-Meta Limited client you have the right to a service that will:

  • Provide secure, safe and affordable housing
  • Protect your rights and confidentiality by way of both policy and procedure
  • Offer a clear explanation of your rights and responsibility while using YML’s services
  • Provide a supportive, safe and secure environment
  • Empower you by encouraging and assisting you in the processes of decision making within the organisation
  • Consult you on decisions regarding your tenancy
  • Ensure potential clients are offered confidential assessment of their applications and have the application process explained
  • Treat all applicants and clients fairly and consistently
  • Where possible respond to your needs in a timely and flexible manner
  • Not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, religion, sexuality or disability
  • Respond to the individual and cultural needs of clients in an appropriate manner
  • Network with other services to provide a holistic approach to service delivery
  • Acknowledge the rights of clients to lodge an appeal or complain about a service or staff without fear of retribution
  • Provide you with the opportunity and information on how to complain about YML’s service or appeal decisions which have been made
  • Encourage clients to bring an advocate, support worker or interpreter to any meetings
  • Provide you with information regarding how YML operates and tenancy legislation
  • Allow you to have access to your files with forty-eight (48) hours notice