Employment and
Education Housing


Employment and Education Housing

Yumba-Meta Limited provides accommodation and a support base to people travelling from remote communities to access employment, education or training.

Employment and Education Housing Program (EEH)

This program provides transitional housing for Indigenous people moving to the Townsville region from remote communities for educational, training or employment purposes. YML manages 13 properties through this program.

Eligibility Criteria For EEH

To be eligible for the program, you must be:

  • an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person from a community considered as remote, or relocated from a community 2 years prior to applying
  • either a secondary school student or 18 years or over

Able to provide evidence of:

  • an offer of full time enrolment in an approved course or
  • an offer of full time employment or ongoing training
Program Objectives

The objectives of EEH are to:

  • provide affordable housing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who need to take up employment, education or training in a regional centre.
  • provide better links between housing and training, education and employment opportunities
  • provide a family centred housing option to strengthen the sustainability of employment, education and training outcomes

The benefits of EEH are:

  • assisting people to improve their economic circumstances through long-term employment, education and training
  • providing a pathway from transitional housing into private rental housing or home ownership
  • enabling families to stay together where one or more household member needs to relocate for employment, education or training